Thank You For My Flowers

Thank you for my flowers - the reds, the yellows the blues.

Thank you for my flowers, I feel so loved by you.

Thank you for your gestures - the trips, the wine, the meals.

Thank you for your gestures, and the way you make me feel.

Thank you for the tokens, the clothes, the presents, the things.

Thank you for the tokens, they make my tired heart sing.


Today I threw my flowers away, but I did so with a smile,

Because beyond those flowers I know lies the extra mile.

Because in you, my Valentine, I have the man of my dreams.

So the flowers, the gestures, the tokens - they barely touch the seams.

The way you've changed my life with all those quiet things you do,

I don't think you even recognise the change in me since you.


Thank you for your kindness, your unconditional care.

Thank you for your kindness - for always being there.

Thank you for your patience, for loving me as I am.

Thank you for your patience, in letting me be all that I can.

Thank you for giving me a future, a present and a past.

Thank you for giving me a future in which I know that we will last.


Thank you for everything darling, you give me much more than you know.

Thank you for accepting all that I am, and allowing me to grow.

How can I ever thank you, for dragging me out of the dirt,

And showing this mixed up woman that real love doesn't hurt.

So thank you for my flowers - they always are a treat.

But thank you more for showing me that love isn't a one-way street.