Eleanor Gibson

Eleanor Gibson was born on Christmas Day in 1977 in Dorchester, the county town of Dorset. Both her parents were teachers and they installed in her a passion for reading from an early age. As soon as Eleanor could walk and talk she was picking up books, and as a child she would spend ages writing long letters to her grandparents and working on imaginative stories.


When Eleanor was 18 she moved north to study English Language and Literature at Leeds University. While there she became even more intrigued by the power of words, and she wrote news stories for the award-winning student newspaper Leeds Student and features for a student women's magazine called Lippy.


After Eleanor graduated in 2000 she secured a job as a trainee at The Kent and Sussex Courier newspaper group in Tunbridge Wells, and for the last 11 years she has worked in journalism and - more recently - public relations in the third sector, where she writes press releases, website copy, blogs and magazine articles on a daily basis.


The Curry Club is Eleanor's first novel. She was inspired by her friendships, her relationships, her career and her life in London - where she has lived for the last eight years.


As Samuel Johnson so famously said, 'a man who is tired of London is tired of life', and Eleanor finds the city a beautiful melting-pot, rich in history, tradition and culture, and with no end of material for the writer. She hopes you enjoy reading the book as much as she enjoyed writing it.


Eleanor lives in South London with her husband Ben.